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Rabiang Rua
Rabiang Rua Beach Resort
80/1-5 Moo 1 Anamai Rd., Chao Samran Beach, Amphur Muang, Petchburi 76100 THAILAND.
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Rabiang Rua, one and a half hours drive from Bangkok,is located on Chao Samran Beach, in Petchburi Province, which is not far from the well known King Rama IV Royal Palace on Khoa Wang hill, Pra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park.

ChaoSamran beach means "Beach of Royal Leisure" is another place of royal history, while Thai King used to make royal visits here for a holiday and enjoyed it so very much.

The unique character of Rabiang Rua, the Boat-Villas, is much more than a resort but a personal dream of paradise.

It is located directly on the white sandy beach, along private shore line on the sunrise side of the gulf. Nestled between slender coconut trees and tropical landscaped garden, the Thai charming wooden fishing boats, were redecorated with the air conditioned and luxury interior amenities. The boat villa, symbolic of the fisherman village, clustered around the swimming pool and wooden sundeck in peaceful seclusion.

Discover the pleasure of freshy caught sea food, prepared in oriental flavours.

Warm delight of the service, in graceful and friendly manner distinctive of Thai hospitality.

The moments of exceptional atmosphere are truly unforgetable at Rabiang Rua.

Fully 11 air-condition-boat villas are spacious with private deck patio, king-sized bed, colour television, minibar and bathroom amenities.

25 bright Bali style villas just next move to enjoy the fun and family getogether. Kiangsai, is a place to fill up your thirst of seafood and local petchburi food.

The capacity of 80 seated seminar room is still a venue for corporate event to participate in professional meeting.

Chao Samran Beach
Chao Samran Beach is the popular tourist attraction for such a long time. In the history, it is said that King Naresuan had come here with Somdej Pra Agar Todsaros liked the beauty of this beach very much and stayed here for several days-long up to the villagers call this beach that "Chao Samrarn - Beach" until the present day.
Wat Khao Bandai Id-Temple
Go along the highway No. 4 and turn right to the highway No. 3171 far from Khao Wang - hill about 2 km. as the hill is small with around 121 meters high. This temple was built in the period of Ayutthaya. It is the office of the meditation to be well-known. Somdej Prajao Sue (King of Ayutthaya) had come to place himself under this temple's care.
Khao Luang Cave
This cave locates at "Khao Luang-Hill" around 5 km. from Khao Wang hill. There are the beautiful stalagmites and inside of cave, there is the chimney which the sunbeam able to come inside the cave and able to make the inside of cave more beautiful. "Tham Kao Luang-Cave" is recognized as the biggest cave in "Mueng Phetch-City". The inside of cave, there is the important decorated Buddha-image which King Rama V was graciously to be built to devole the merit to King Rama IV who had come and liked this cave very much.
Khao Yoi Cave
"Tham Khao Yoi-Cave" locates in the east of "Khao Yoi-Mountain" nearly to Office of "Amper Khao Yoi-District" and to be able to go along highway No 4 before to go to Mueng Phetchaburi Province about 22 km. In this cave having the big and small Buddha images in the several posts standing as if "Tham Khao Luang Cave" and "Wat Khao Bandai Id - Temple" in the zone of "Amper Muang Phetchaburi - City". In the history, said that these buddha- images having along time and in the later, "Pra Khru On - Monk" of "Wat Tai Talard-Temple" had repaired them again.
Wat Khao Trakrao-Temple
This temple locates in Tambon Bang Krog - Subdistrict, Amper Ban Lam - District. This temple is the place for standing of Buddha - image in the conqueror of Mara, about 29 inches high, to be called that "Luang Por Khao Trakrao - Buddha - image". There are a lot of the Phetchaburi civilian and tourist to go to prostrate and cover with gilded gold leaf on the Buddha image.
Wat Kampaenglaeng-Temple
Locates on the bank of "Pra Song - Road" around 2 km. away from the city hall. This temple in the original time was the shrine in the period of Khamer to have constructed Hinduism style. In later time, when the influence of Buddhism has spread into that area, and so this shrine was remarked as the place of Buddhism in Mahayarn and Hinayarn in order. When this temple had remarked to be the Buddhist temple and then this temple's chaple had been constructed by not to be remarked much. It would have been seen that the area around the temple having the wall, built by the leterite surrounds the temple.
Wat Gutthi-Temple
Locates at Tambon Bang Kem-Subdistrict, along the highway No. 4 before getting into the entrance of the Administration Office of Khao Yoi-District in distance of 6 Km. This temple has the total chaple made by the teakwood. The garble in the east of the chaple to be inscribed as the coin of crown - Seal of King Rama IV, but the back garble in the west to be inscribed as the figure of a 1-Baht coin with the seal King Rama V. The door planks have the vine designs to be carven deeply which it is the fine skill in the level of the teach's skill.
Wat Yai Suwannaram-Temple
It is the temple locating at "Pong Suriyar-Road", around 1 km. away from the city hall. This temple was built in the period when Ayutthaya was still the capital and it had been restored in the period of King Rama V. The area of temple, there are "Temple-Hall" as all teakwood-made residence which "Prajao Sue" - King of Ayutthaya capital-city was graciously to be built to give to Pra Sangga Rarj of Phetchaburi (Patriarch). This "Temple-Hall" has the wood to be inseribed beautifully. On the wall within the chaple, there are the angles gathering painting which is more than 300 years of age. This temple locates at the down hill of Khao Wang - Hill in the south of Sirirattayar-road, not far from the city hall. This temple is the old temple in the period of Ayutthaya, it is the place where laying Buddha image standing, This Buddha - image is gigantic and beautiful which is made by brick showing the beauty contrast of black lacquered and gilded gold leaf-craftwork of Ayuttaya era.
Wat Mahathat Worawiharn
locates at the bank of "Phetch-River", around 500 meters away from the city hall. The temple area consistes of the stupa with five peaks built in Khamer style. Each stupa built with the laterites. The big stupa high 42 meters and within the stupa having the relies the Lord of Buddha. One interested article, namely the mold-stucco-picture decorated at "Pra Ubosot-Chaple" of the royal temple with Sala-Hall within the temple as the art-skill of artisans from Mueng Phetch-city which to be beautiful and to have the trait.
Cha-Am Beach
"Cha-Am Beach" is around 41 km. away from Phetchaburi city hall. Then, shift to road leading to the beach, which is about 2 km. long. It is the popular beach of Phetchaburi. In the past, "Cha Am" was one Sub-district to attach to "Nhong Jok-District" and it is the beach not a little beautiful than "Hua Hin-Beach" and so "Cha-Am Beach" begins to be known since then.
Puek Tian Beach
"Puek Tian Beach" is around 7 km. far from the south of "Chao Samran Beach" and able to go along "Phetcha Gasem-road" to "Amper Tha Yang-District" and then to turn on the left at the crisscross street of "Klong Chonlaprathan Sai 2-Water conservancy" about 15 km. The area of "Puek Tian Beach" is white sand beach, and very clean so that tourist could enjoy swimming and also the location of to have the statue of "Pra Apai Mani, Narng Phi Sue Samut, Sut Sakorn" and "Mar Nin Mungkon-Hourse", and "Sarn Jao Mae Guen Im - Joss House" and "Gor Tao-Island"
Historial Park of Phranakhonkhiri (Khao Wang)
is and old hictoric spot as pair of Phetchaburi City. Historial Park locates on the top of three mountains whichhas the tallest point of 95 metres high. From the initial stage, these mountains were called "Khao Samon" by the villagers. King Rama IV wanted to build a palace for goint to tay occasionally at the top of these mountains, then the king was graciously favour to delivery the work to "Chao Prayar Sri Suriyawong" (Chuang Boonnark) as he was "Pra Samuha Galar Hom" (Defence Minister) to be the company commander for constructing up to work successfully in 2403 B.E. His Majesty had gracious confered the name to this palace that "Phranakhonkhiri" but "Phetch" City's People" call it "Khao Wang".
Kaeng Krachan-Dam.
This dam is the clay dam separating "Phetchaburi-River". The ridge of this dam has the lenght of 760 meters, 8 meters wide and the high part as 58 meters. This widest base is 250 meters and to be built to finish in 2509 B.E. It is the big fresh lake suitable to be the toured place for relaxing. For travelling, this dam is far from Phetchauri-City about 53 km. And far from the Nation Park of Kaeng Krachan - District about 3 Km. To be able to travel along the only one route with the National Park of Kaeng Krachan - District.

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